Claude Steiner

I am a clinical psychologist and transactional analyst. Since 1965 I have studied, written, taught and lectured on the emotions and emotional literacy–as opposed to emotional intelligence–as they relate to love cooperation and the common good — and how these factors affect our personal power.

I have developed a program for emotional literacy training (click here) using transactional analysis (click here) principles and methods.

Starting in the Spring of 2013 I have had a number of medical problems (prostate surgery, Parkinson’s Disease onset, hernia surgery, emergency hospitalizations, oncology radiation treatments…) and procedures which have severely restricted my ability to travel. I can still drive, walk to the corner store, exercise at the health club, attend meetings, cook for myself, etc. and could with much help attend a meeting or conference, if invited. Continue reading “Welcome”

Learning To Love

A Heart-Centered, Emotional Literacy Technique, Using Transactional Analysis,  by Claude Steiner Ph.D.

Abstract: Emotional literacy, with love as the guiding emotion, is a undeniable requirement for a healthy physical and psychological life. Transactional analysis provides the concepts (strokes, the stroke economy) and advanced techniques (Opening the Heart exercises) to teach people the essential skills required to give and accept love. Continue reading “Learning To Love”

Transactional Analysis

With Transactional Analysis, Eric Berne made complex interpersonal transactions understandable especially the “games” that the “inner child” plays in order to gain recognition from others.

viennaEric Berne (1910-1970) the founder of Transactional Analysis (center) with Claude Steiner (front,) Jack Dusay (back) and Pamela Blum while attending the 1968 International Congress for Group Psychotherapy in Vienna.

Transactional Analysis is poised to enter the third millennium; a highly effective, information based psychology and psychiatry of human communication.

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What is the Difference Between Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Literacy?

Emotional literacy is different from emotional intelligence (EI) in that it emphasizes the emotion of love, cooperation and the common good which are ignored in definitions of emotional intelligence. That is why we say that emotional literacy (EmLiT) is heart-centered emotional intelligence.

The distinction is important as I will show later. In fact a recent study suggests that there’s an actual discrepancy between acting morally and knowing one’s and others’ emotions and how to manage them. Continue reading “What is the Difference Between Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Literacy?”