Claude Steiner

I am a clinical psychologist and transactional analyst. Since 1965 I have studied, written, taught and lectured on the emotions and emotional literacy–as opposed to emotional intelligence–as they relate to love cooperation and the common good — and how these factors affect our personal power.

I have developed a program for emotional literacy training (click here) using transactional analysis (click here) principles and methods.

Starting in the Spring of 2013 I have had a number of medical problems (prostate surgery, Parkinson’s Disease onset, hernia surgery, emergency hospitalizations, oncology radiation treatments…) and procedures which have severely restricted my ability to travel. I can still drive, walk to the corner store, exercise at the health club, attend meetings, cook for myself, etc. and could with much help attend a meeting or conference, if invited. Continue reading “Welcome”

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Pleased to Meet You, Hope you Guess my Name; The Inner Critic

* In a lively class discussion, Marge is asked a question by the professor. She is convinced that everyone is smarter and better read than she. She fears that her teacher will find out that she is a fraud and her mind becomes a blank as her whole body is frozen with panic.

* Doug hears voices in his head every time that he has an interaction at work: “Can’t you see how weird and awkward you are? Every one else does!” Continue reading “Pleased to Meet You, Hope you Guess my Name; The Inner Critic”

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