Principles of Radical Psychiatry (1985 revision)


by Claude Steiner

Radical Psychiatry holds that all functional psychiatric difficulties are forms of alienation resulting from the mystified oppression of people who are isolated from each other.

People’s alienation is the result of power abuse and is therefore a political matter. Any person in the practice of psychiatry (soul healing) becomes involved in the personal politics of those he or she attempts to help, either as an ally or as an oppressor; there is no possibility of neutrality for a person with power in an oppressive situation. In order to be helpful, any person who claims to practice psychiatry needs to become an ally against the oppressive influences in the lives of those he or she is at- tempting to help. Continue reading “Principles of Radical Psychiatry (1985 revision)”

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Radical Psychiatry Manifesto

1969 Radical Psychiatry Manifesto, by Claude Steiner

This document was written on the occasion of the 1969 American Psychiatric Association conference in San Francisco. It was a reaction to psychiatric practices of that time especially the classification of homosexuality as a mental illness and pro government intervention in draft resistance.  (see also Principles of Radical Psychiatry) Continue reading “Radical Psychiatry Manifesto”

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