A Meditation on the Adult and its Corruption

by Claude Steiner PhD

I have long wondered about the nexus between transactional analysis, a theory and practice fundamentally based on human interaction on one hand and meditation, the foundation of which is the lone, individual, experience, on the other.

In early 2000 after a very difficult 1999 I had occasion to attend a 10 day silent meditation retreat from which I emerged with some insights that I can truly say changed me and my life, at the root. A great deal happened which I will not go into here but I derived one particular insight which I here develop into an essay about the Adult ego state and, for lack of a better way to put it, its corruption. Continue reading “A Meditation on the Adult and its Corruption”

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Some Further Musing on Egos States

Ego states are the flagship concept of TA, the reason that most people give–along with games and scripts–for their initial attraction to TA because they explains so much so simply and are so usefully.

And yet after many years of research there is no real evidence that people’s behavior really breaks down into only three (or five or seven) separate modalities of behavior. But there is considerable evidence that people do behave in separate modalities which fit the definition of ego states, one extreme example of which are multiple personalities but a phenomenon we can observe daily in human interactions Continue reading “Some Further Musing on Egos States”

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