About some Erskine writings

September 24, 1998

I have read three article recommended by Richard Erskine to familiarize me with his and Rebecca Trautman”s thinking: “Transference and Transactions; Critique from an Intrapsychic and Integrative Perspective.” TAJ. April 1991, V21#2, and “The Process of Integrative Psychotherapy” in Erskine, R. Theories and Methods of an Integrative Transactional Analysis. 1997. TA Press. San Francisco. After reading these articles plus a number of others I will make some comments regarding what I found. Continue reading “About some Erskine writings”

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How The Core Concepts Were Assembled

by Claude Steiner

The examination of the core concepts and competencies of transactional analysis began during Gloria Noriega‚Äôs presidency and, as promised in his candidacy statement, the process was continued by George Kohlrieser when he honored me with his appointment as Chair the Presidential Task Force to Define Core Transactional Analysis Concepts. Continue reading “How The Core Concepts Were Assembled”

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