Emotional Literacy; Heart-Centered Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence, “can matter as much as IQ” in determining a person’s well-being and effectiveness in life.

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence. (1997)

Emotional literacy is defined as emotional intelligence with a heart. In the book Emotional Literacy I offer a love-centered approach to emotional intelligence, developed over the last 35 years, which I call Emotional Literacy Training. This approach, based on Transactional Analysis and Radical Psychiatry, inspired by the women’s and men’s movements and informed by the works of Riane Eisler, Ronald Laing and Eric Berne seeks to teach people the following skills: Continue reading “Emotional Literacy; Heart-Centered Intelligence.”

The Heart of the Matter

thcoverWritten from the perspective of one who participated in the development of transactional analysis from its earliest days to the present.
Dedicated to all the people who are fascinated by transactional analysis; a worldwide movement of deeply egalitarian and democratic principles.
Steiner synthesizes, in this brief and readable text, his stroke and heart-centered, information-based approach. Continue reading “The Heart of the Matter”

Stroking: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

by Claude Steiner

Abstract: The author attempts to answer the question: “What does transactional analysis have in common with body-centered, somatic points of view?” Transactional Analysis began as an Adult centered and rational theory but with the introduction of the concept of strokes Berne opened the way, perhaps unwittingly, for a somatic—Child and body centered—investigation of love and the emotions. Continue reading “Stroking: What’s Love Got To Do With It?”