My latest book: Emotional Literacy

Emotional LiteracyEmotional Literacy; Intelligence with a Heart. Personhood Press, 2003
(If you want to buy a hardcover or paper back edition of the original, hard cover 1997 version of the book click here. The original 1997 version of the book is also available in Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Danish and Dutch translations)
In the book, I offer a love-centered approach to emotional intelligence, developed over the last twenty years, which I call Emotional Literacy Training. This approach, based on Transactional Analysis, inspired by the women’s and men’s movements and informed by the works of Riane Eisler, Ronald Laing and Eric Berne seeks to teach people the following skills: Continue reading “My latest book: Emotional Literacy”

Pleased to Meet You, Hope you Guess my Name; The Inner Critic

* In a lively class discussion, Marge is asked a question by the professor. She is convinced that everyone is smarter and better read than she. She fears that her teacher will find out that she is a fraud and her mind becomes a blank as her whole body is frozen with panic.

* Doug hears voices in his head every time that he has an interaction at work: “Can’t you see how weird and awkward you are? Every one else does!” Continue reading “Pleased to Meet You, Hope you Guess my Name; The Inner Critic”

The Emotional Awareness Scale

Since the publication of Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence  (1995), emotional intelligence has passed from being a welcome, fresh way of thinking to becoming a number of widely disparate movements. The largest of these movements was a consultant’s “growth business” with scores of companies offering to evaluate and improve people’s Emotional Quotient (EQ) in the work place. Regretfully, in that environment emotional intelligence became synonymous with “mature,” “stable” and “hard working. But emotional skills are a great deal more than positive attitudes; they can humanize and improve any enterprise far beyond anything that has been experienced so far and its potential is being squandered on diluted, half measures. I fear that the emotional intelligence movement is morphing into yet another corporate, human resources lubricant with little specific relationship to emotional awareness or intelligence. Continue reading “The Emotional Awareness Scale”